Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

This technique works with the nervous system and muscular system by incorporating trigger point therapy. It is performed by applying pressure to specific areas that are known as trigger points.

Enhancements to your Massage

aromatherapyEssential oil drops are placed into the massage lotion to enhance the therapeutic effects during the session. Each essential oil has its own therapeutic benefits that when properly selected, mixed together and applied/diffused will become more beneficial to the client’s overall wellness.
Cooling Muscle Creams
Cooling Muscle Creamswe have various topical ointments to select from for spot treatment during a session. These products range from doterra deep blue, arnica, organic creams, magnesium, castor oils, etc. and are applied in areas of inflammation, pain and tension after being worked on.
cuppingThis is a tool the therapist uses to create a vacuum effect. It allows the therapist to bring blood, lymph, fluids, soft tissue and fascia to the surface. Depending on the techniques used for cupping, the therapist has control on how intense the marks left on the surface of the skin are afterwards.

Dry Brushing
Dry BrushingA hard, bristle brush that will help to exfoliate the skin, support the sensory nervous system and increase lymphatic flow.
Hot Stones
Hot StonesThis is a tool that is used to increase relaxation and warm up muscle tissue. Stones are warmed up by a heater to be used during the massage.
Topical CBD
we have various topical CBD product lines that are infused with adaptogenic herbal ingredients. Great for joints, muscles and other musculoskeletal conditions. We offer both THC free and low dosage full spectrum.

Your therapist will help you determine which enhancement is best for you. Enhancements are complimentary


Additional Services

Compression Therapy
Our Normatec compression therapy is designed for legs, hips or arms. It improves circulation, flushes lymphatic fluids, assists in moving lactic acid, reduces inflammation and accelerates recovery. The pressure intensity ranges from level 1-7. This service can be booked on its own or you can choose to book this service before or after your massage session. We suggest that you wear comfy clothes for this session. Compression Therapy improves circulation, flushes lactic acid, assists in movement with lymphatic fluids, reduces inflammation, and accelerates recovery. This device has controllable chambers that fill with air to provide a specific amount of pressure in targeting areas. Select from levels ranging 1-7 and durations ranging from 15 – 60 minutes to customize your compression therapy session to receive optimal results.

Infrared Sauna Blanket
Our infrared sauna blanket is used for muscle tension relief, detoxification, increased metabolism, a stronger immune system and burning calories. The blanket has a controlled time system and multiple heat settings ranging to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. This service can be booked on its own or you can choose to book this service before or after your massage session. Clients remain fully clothed for this session. We suggest that you wear comfy clothes (athletic wear or pajamas) for this session.

These services can be scheduled as a stand alone appointment or before/after a massage session. Choose between a 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute session for any of these services. These services are complimentary on your first visit.